Stainless Steel E320-16 Welding Electrodes

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Stainless Steel E320-16 Welding Electrodes
Stainless Steel SFA-5.4 E320-16 Welding Electrodes
Stainless Steel AWS A5.4 E320-16 Welding Electrodes

SS E320-16 Consumable Electrodes, Stainless Steel E320-16 Welding Rods, Austenitic Stainless Steel E320-16 Welding Rods, E320-16 Welding Electrode, E320-16 SS Export Stick Electrodes, Steel E320-16 Electrodes, E320-16 Welding Rods, SS AWS A5.4 Welding Electrodes Stockist in India.

Goodluck Metal Corporation is producing a high-quality Stainless Steel E320-16 welding electrode, which are popularly in demand in the industries. The critical industrial applications are dependent on these stainless welding electrodes. To fulfill the requirements and to fill the gap of the market trend on providing high-quality products, Goodluck Metal Corporation plays a vital role in fulfilling the needs of the industrial customers.

Stainless Steel E320-16 welding electrodes are used for different applications like welding alloys, if similar composition in shaped and cast forms. Apart from that, it also offers exclusive first-rate corrosion resistance to an extensive range of chemical environments. Stainless steel E320-16 grade is widely used to weld composition matching to manganese and columbium base material.

The manufacturing process for the stainless steel E320-16 welding electrode requires a lot of care. At Goodluck Metal Corporation, we have a team of professionals under their guidance. These electrodes are manufactured with complete attention, and because of its features, these electrodes are recommended in various other industries by our existing clients. Stainless steel E320-16 welding electrode is excellent in corrosion, stress corrosion cracking, and crevice corrosion at different temperatures.

Stainless steel E320-16 welding electrodes are manufactured very carefully using various chemicals, including sulfuric and sulfurous acids and their salts, which are highly dangerous and need the most observation by the specialists. We follow all the international standards to maintain the quality of the products. To be 100% sure of these electrodes are free from faults. It undergoes various tests, and after being sure of the product, it’s being dispatched to its customers across various regions.

These stainless steel welding electrodes can be used to weld both castings and wrought alloys of similar composition without post-weld heat treatment. Welding positions of these electrodes are flat, fillet, vertical up, and horizontal overheard. The sizes of these electrodes can vary depending upon the customer's requirements in their industry. Damaging of the packages is taken care of by us, and we have the best transportation to overcome the damage during the transit. We focus on offering time consistency of delivery of the products to the clients.

SS E320-16 Welding Electrode Specification

Classification : AWS A5.4 / ASME SFA-5.4: E320-16

Diameter : 3/32", 1/8", 5/32", 3/16

Amperage Range : 50-80, 70-110, 100-150, 130-180

Class : E320-16

Length (mm) : 300 mm, 350 mm, Customized

AC/DC+ : 50-80, 80-110, 100-135, 140-180

Form : Welding Electrode, Welding Rods

Available Types of Stainless Steel E320-16 Welding Electrodes

Stainless Steel E320-16 Consumable Electrode

Consumable Electrode

Stainless Steel E320-16 Consumable Electrodes
SS E320-16 Consumable Welding Electrode
AWS A5.4 E320-16 Consumable Welding Electrode
SS E320-16 Consumable Welding Rods
E320-16 SS Consumable Welding Electrode

Stainless Steel E320-16 Stick Electrode

Stick Electrode

Stainless Steel E320-16 Stick Electrodes
SS E320-16 Stick Welding Electrode
AWS A5.4 E320-16 Stick Welding Electrode
SS E320-16 Stick Welding Rods
E320-16 SS Stick Welding Electrode

SS E320-16 Welding Electrode Chemical Composition

Grade C Cr Ni Mo Cu Si P S Mn Nb
SS E320-16 0.07 max 19.0 - 21.0 32.0 - 36.0 2.0 - 3.0 3.0 - 4.0 0.60 max 0.04 max 0.03 max 0.5 - 2.5 8xC min - 1.0 max

SS E320-16 Welding Electrodes Mechanical Properties

Yield Strength Tensile Strength Elongation
86,000 psi 59,000 psi 33%


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