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Inconel Angle
Inconel Channel
Inconel Equal Angle

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We, Goodluck Metal Corporation, are manufacturing Inconel Angle/ Channels with excellent features like rust resistance, toughness, and high strength. Our company has the lot of experience in the manufacturing sector since we have spent many years in the manufacturing field thus, we know the requirements of our clients about our products in the market. We, Goodluck Metal Corporation, manufactures our products in the various shapes and sizes for our customers. We also produce our products according to the need and demands of our esteemed customers. We also sell our products at reasonable rates and with the best quality.

Our Inconel Angles/ Channels are extensively used in the chemical processing, food handling and processing, shipping, shipbuilding, marine applications, and construction industries. Our Inconel Angle/ Channels also offers high strength, good welding characteristics, and excellent oxidation and corrosion resistance, and much more. Our Inconel Angle/ Channels can easily be weld using different welding tools and techniques.

Inconel Angles/ Channels of Goodluck Metal Corporation has the various application such as in chemicals, petrochemicals, oil and natural gas organization, fats, fertilizers, sugar mills and distilleries, cement industries, shipbuilders, paper industries, pumps, automation, paints and steel industries and much more. Goodluck Metal Corporation is also having the excellent and experienced employees in our organization who always works hard to bring efficiency and effectiveness in the organization. We also manufacture our products under the guidance of our experts. Our team of well qualified, expert, experienced, and skilled professionals is working hard to meet all quality standards. By using the highest quality material, advanced machinery, tools, and latest technology, we are producing these Inconel Angles/ Channels in bulk amount without compromising in quality. This makes us able to deliver these products in the required amount and to complete the urgent needs of our esteem clients.

Goodluck Metal Corporation does the packaging of the products in our entity only, but before that, we do check the quality and defects of our produced products by conducting the various tests. When we find our products up to the mark then only, we do the packaging and delivery of our products to our customers.

Inconel Angle / Channel Specification

Specifications : / ASME SB166

Angle Size Range : 20 x 20 mm to 100 x 100 mm

Angles Thickness : 3 to 12 mm (depending on size)

Channel Size Range : Base: 80 to 150 mm; Side: 40 to 75 mm

Channel Thickness : 5 to 6 mm (depending on size)

Length : 3MTR, 4MTR, 5MTR, 6MTR, or Custom Cut Sizes

Available Types of Inconel Angle / Channel

Inconel Angle


Inconel Angle
Inconel Alloy Angles
Inconel® Alloy Angle

Inconel Equal Angle

Equal Angle

Inconel Equal Angle
Inconel Alloy Equal Angle
Inconel® Alloy Equal Angle

Inconel Unequal Angle

Unequal Angle

Inconel Unequal Angle
Inconel Alloy Unequal Angle
Inconel® Alloy Unequal Angle

Inconel Channel


Inconel Channel
Inconel Alloy Channels
Inconel® Alloy Channel

Inconel C Channel

C Channel

Inconel C Channel
Inconel Alloy C Channel
Inconel® Alloy C Channels

Inconel U Channel

U Channel

Inconel U Channel
Inconel Alloy U Channels
Inconel® Alloy U Channels


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