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Monel Angle
Monel Channel
Monel Equal Angle

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Goodluck Metal Corporation is one of the trusted manufacturers and supplying Angle/ Channel at reasonable prices in the market. We are also the manufacturer, supplier and exporter of the Monel Angles / Channels in India as well as across the world. We manufacture our products in various shapes and sizes with the use of a better quality of raw materials. At the same time, We, Goodluck Metal Corporation, focuses on customer satisfaction and produce our products according to the need and demand of our customers. We also offer our products at affordable rates to our esteem customers.

Monel Angles / Channels are the most widely used products that are made up of stable solutions of the Nickel and Copper alloy with the addition of titanium and aluminum to improve the strength and toughness. Apart from this, our Monel Angle / Channel possesses excellent corrosion and oxidation resistance.

We also have the variety of Monel Angles / Channels and Flats available in several types. Monel Angles / Channels can even be the substitute of the Austenitic grade of the marine surrounding. We also offer our products in different categories. Although our products are primarily noted for heat and oxidation resistance, our Monel Angles / Channels also have excellent resistance to chloride stress and corrosion cracking. They have excellent resistance to carburization, excellent resistance to reducing and carburizing atmospheres, and much more.

Goodluck Metal Corporation is also having experienced and experts who are maintaining quality standards higher. They are supervising the whole process right from the selection of material till the final dispatch of Monel Angles / Channels. We also conduct various tests at various stages of production, which helps to avoid errors in manufacturing. By using new technologies and advanced machinery, we are fabricating these Monel Angles / Channels in bulk amount without compromising in quality. Goodluck Metal Corporation is also focusing on to provide a smooth and convenient doorstep service to our clients. We are offering excellent quality products with all the necessary features and benefits. To fulfill the demands of our clients, we are also providing customized as well as non-customized Angles/ Channels.

Monel Angle / Channel Specification

Specifications : / ASME SB164

Angle Size Range : 20 x 20 mm to 100 x 100 mm

Angles Thickness : 3 to 12 mm (depending on size)

Channel Size Range : Base: 80 to 150 mm; Side: 40 to 75 mm

Channel Thickness : 5 to 6 mm (depending on size)

Length : 3MTR, 4MTR, 5MTR, 6MTR, or Custom Cut Sizes

Available Types of Monel Angle / Channel

Monel Angle


Monel Angle
Monel Alloy Angles
Monel Channels

Monel Equal Angle

Equal Angle

Monel Equal Angle
Monel Alloy Equal Angle
Monel® Alloy Equal Angle

Monel Unequal Angle

Unequal Angle

Monel Unequal Angle
Monel Alloy Unequal Angle
Monel® Alloy Unequal Angle

Monel Channel


Monel Channel
Monel Alloy Channels
Monel Angles

Monel C Channel

C Channel

Monel C Channel
Monel Alloy C Channel
Monel® Alloy C Channels

Monel U Channel

U Channel

Monel U Channel
Monel Alloy U Channels
Monel® Alloy U Channels


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