Hastelloy B2 Angle / Channel

At Goodluck Metal Corporation, we're proud to offer durable Hastelloy B2 Angle / Channel products designed to meet your specific needs. Whether you work in chemical processing, pollution control, or petrochemicals, our sturdy metal components ensure longevity and performance.

Hastelloy B2 400 Angle
Hastelloy B2 400 Channel
Hastelloy B2 400 Equal Angle

What is Hastelloy B2?

Hastelloy B2 is a nickel-molybdenum alloy known for its excellent resistance to corrosion, especially in reducing environments like sulfuric acid. It also stands up well to stress corrosion cracking and pitting.


Our Hastelloy B2 Angle / Channel products are versatile and find use in various industries, including:

  • Chemical processing: Withstands a wide range of chemicals, making it perfect for handling corrosive substances.
  • Pollution control: Holds up under harsh environmental conditions, ensuring reliability in pollution control systems.
  • Petrochemical industry: Offers durability and stability in demanding petrochemical processes, improving operational efficiency.

  • Features:

  • Corrosion resistance: Provides excellent protection against corrosion, extending equipment lifespan.
  • High strength: Handles heavy loads and tough conditions without sacrificing structural integrity.
  • Versatility: Fits a range of applications, offering flexibility to diverse industrial needs.
  • Precision engineering: Manufactured precisely for consistent quality and accuracy.

  • Why Should You Choose Goodluck Metal Corporation?

  • Quality assurance: We maintain strict quality standards to deliver products that meet or exceed expectations.
  • Customization options: Tailored to your requirements for a perfect fit in your application.
  • Expert support: Our experienced team provides personalized assistance and technical guidance.

  • For reliable metal components for your industrial needs, trust Goodluck Metal Corporation's Hastelloy B2 Angle / Channel products. With durability, performance, and peace of mind, our solutions are ready to elevate your operations. Reach out today to explore how we can assist you.

    Hastelloy B2 Angle / Channel Specification

    Specifications : ASTM B335 / ASME SB335

    Angle Size Range : 20 x 20 mm to 100 x 100 mm

    Angles Thickness : 3 to 12 mm (depending on size)

    Channel Size Range : Base: 80 to 150 mm; Side: 40 to 75 mm

    Channel Thickness : 5 to 6 mm (depending on size)

    Length : 3MTR, 4MTR, 5MTR, 6MTR, or Custom Cut Sizes

    Available Types of Hastelloy B2 Angle / Channel

    Hastelloy B2  Angle


    Hastelloy B2 Angle
    Alloy B2 Angles
    UNS N10665 Angle
    2.4617 Angles
    ASTM B335 Hastelloy B2 Angle
    ASME SB 335 Nickel Alloy B2 Angles

    Hastelloy B2  Equal Angle

    Equal Angle

    Hastelloy B2 Equal Angle
    Alloy B2 Equal Angle
    UNS N10665 Equal Angles
    2.4617 Equal Angles
    ASTM B335 Hastelloy B2 Equal Angle
    ASME SB 335 Nickel Alloy B2 Equal Angles

    Hastelloy B2  Unequal Angle

    Unequal Angle

    Hastelloy B2 Unequal Angle
    Alloy B2 Unequal Angle
    UNS N10665 Unequal Angles
    2.4617 Unequal Angles
    ASTM B335 Hastelloy B2 Unequal Angle
    ASME SB 335 Nickel Alloy B2 Unequal Angle

    Hastelloy B2  Channel


    Hastelloy B2 Channel
    Alloy B2 Channels
    UNS N10665 Channels
    2.4617 Channel
    ASTM B335 Hastelloy B2 Channel
    ASME SB 335 Nickel Alloy B2 Channel

    Hastelloy B2  C Channel

    C Channel

    Hastelloy B2 C Channel
    Alloy B2 C Channel
    UNS N10665 C Channels
    2.4617 C Channels
    ASTM B335 Hastelloy B2 C Channels
    ASME SB 335 Nickel Alloy B2 C Channel

    Hastelloy B2    U Channel

    U Channel

    Hastelloy B2 U Channel
    Alloy B2 U Channels
    UNS N10665 U Channel
    2.4617 U Channels
    ASTM B335 Hastelloy B2 U Channels
    ASME SB 335 Nickel Alloy B2 U Channel

    Hastelloy B2 Angle / Channel Equivalent Grades

    Hastelloy B2 2.4617 N10665

    Hastelloy B2 Angle / Channel Chemical Composition

    Grade C Mn Si S Co Ni Cr Fe Mo P
    B2 0.02 max 1.0 max 0.1 max 0.03 max 1.0 max Bal 1.0 max 2.0 max 26 – 30 0.04 max

    Hastelloy B2 Angle / Channel Mechanical Properties

    Element Density Melting Point Tensile Strength Yield Strength (0.2%Offset) Elongation
    Hastelloy B2 9.2 g/cm3 1370 °C (2500 ºF ) Psi – 1,10,000 , MPa – 760 Psi – 51000 , MPa – 350 40 %


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